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How a Good PG Accommodation can contribute to your career success?

Published on October 13, 2016 by wpadmin


You might be possibly wondering about this view of PG Accommodation. After all a PG Accommodation is simply a place where most people will time after their working hours. How on the earth a PG Accommodation can contribute to the success of my career? My PG Accommodation is nowhere related to my job. My organization doesn give a damn about my PG Accommodation. Then why should bother about this question?

Ok .Let see the whole picture in a slightly different way.

What if your PG Accommodation is near to your office?

Answer is very simple. You don have to commute 4 hours daily through the heavy traffic. Just consider this, how much energy, enthusiasm and clarity you would have if you have to just walk 10 minutes to your office from your PG Accommodation. How would you feel after travelling for one hour to reach your office? Can you see the difference? So is it wrong to assume that if you get a PG Accommodation near your office, it will contribute to your career success

What if you have serene, hygienic and calm atmosphere in your PG Accommodation?

You will have sound sleep. You feel better when you reach your PG Accommodation after full day excruciating work in the office. You will be able to relax. You have a chance to recharge for your next day work. You can go back to your office next day and do a better job.

What if you are getting tasty, delicious and healthy food from your PG Accommodation?

It will improve your wellness and health. You won get your stomach upset. You won be taking sick leave. You will be able to concentrate your work and contribute more as an employee.

Now you must have got the idea. A good PG Accommodation can definitely contribute to the success of your career.

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Author : Mahesh Bandi

Mahesh Bandi is the Vice President (Marketing) of is a portal for PGs and Hostels across south India. Mahesh can be contacted at


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