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Different Types of PG Accommodation in Bangalore

Published on October 25, 2016 by wpadmin

pghub-blogIt is somewhat intriguing to get into details of different types of PG Accommodations in Bangalore. Since Bangalore has established itself as the Silicon Capital of India, it is the favorite destination of students, professionals and business people. There is indeed an acute demand for the quality and affordable accommodation for this growing number of outsiders in the city. We have to see the ever growing number of PG accommodation in Bangalore from this perspective. Irrespective of your locality, you will find a lot of hostels, PG accommodation and service apartments in Bangalore. But it is highly advisable for the people to do some research before choosing a PG for their stay in Bangalore. You might get some help from your friends or some real-estate agents. But it may not be foolproof. It is always safe and secure to register with a website like PGHub, where you will get all the necessary information required before moving into a particular PG accommodation in Bangalore.

Types of PG Accommodation in Bangalore

Andhra PG Accommodation

There is a growing number of Andhra PGs in Bangalore. These PGs are managed by people from mostly Andhra Pradesh. Andhra food is served here. Most of the students and professionals from Andhra Pradesh and Telangana choose these PGs. You can spot the growing number of students and professionals from other states as well in these PGs. You can choose single stay, two, three and four sharing rooms here. You can find lot of Andhra PGs in Marathahalli, HSR Layout, and JP Nagar etc.

Odisha and Bengal PG Accommodation in Bangalore

Since the students and professionals from these two states are growing in Bangalore, PG Accommodations run by people from these state have also started growing here. Still very less compared the number of Andhra PGs, their number is indeed spiking. Odia and Bengali style is served here. You can find Odia and Bengali PGs in Marathahalli and Indira Nagar areas

Kerala PG Accommodation in Bangalore

Malayalee students who have an insatiable appetite for Kerala food normally choose Kerala PGs. Most of the Kerala PGs are located in Indiranagar and couple of Kerala PGs is there in Marathahalli. Compared to the number of Andhra PGs, it is still insignificant.

North Indian PG Accommodation in Bangalore

People coming from North Indian states like UP, Bihar, Chhattisgarh, Punjab, Delhi, J & K, Rajasthan etc., generally choose to live in North Indian PG. There they will get North Indian style food.

Luxury PG Accommodation in Bangalore

Generally software professionals choose luxury PG Accommodation. There you can opt for single or twin sharing depending upon your budget. Both North and South Indian food is served here with more varieties. All Individual rooms have LCD TVs, mini fridge, Coat and Mattress, Blanket and pillows, safety locker, attached toilet etc. Even rooms with balcony, A/C rooms or rooms with kitchen are available in luxury PGs.

Ladies PG

You can find almost equal number of Ladies PG along with Gents PG in Bangalore. Obviously girls choose ladies PGs Accommodation for safety, privacy and security. In Ladies PGs too you can find all the categories mentioned above categories.

Whatever be your choice of PG Accommodation, make sure to know more about the quality of food, safety and other details before joining there. PGHub is a great platform to search different types of PGs. You will get a clear picture about the PGs, reviews and ratings from previous and existing occupants etc. This is helping you to take an informed decision quickly.

Author : Mahesh Bandi

Mahesh Bandi is the Vice President (Marketing) of is a portal for PGs and Hostels across south India. Mahesh can be contacted at

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