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How to find good PG accommodation in Bangalore?

Published on October 13, 2016 by wpadmin


Now a days most people have to step out of their home town to explore better career options.  Moving to a new city is never too easy.  When you get a job or college admission in a metro city like Bangalore or Hyderabad, your biggest concern and priority is to find a suitable and affordable PG accommodation.   Following are some of the tips about how to find a BEST PG accommodation in Bangalore.


Location of the BEST PG accommodation in Bangalore

One of the most important criteria for selecting  the BEST PG accommodation in Bangalore is the location of the PG.  People prefer PGs which are near to their offices or educational institutes.  Staying near to bus stop or railway stations helps to reduce commuting time.  Otherwise, spending one or two or even three hours every day just to be in the heavy traffic to reach office and return to PG is not a good option.  If shopping malls, banks, hospitals etc., are near to the PG, it will help a lot to reduce the time spent on shopping, banking etc.

Rent of the BEST PG accommodation in Bangalore

The second important criteria for selecting the BEST PG accommodation in Bangalore is the rent of the PG.  It should be affordable as per your budget.  Normally rent is charged on sharing basis like one, two, three and four sharing.  Usually for a single stay PG accommodation, average rent is 10000/- rupees.  For two sharing, it could be 6000/- rupees.  For three and four sharing, it could be 3000 and 4000 rupees respectively.  The rent may go up if PGs are giving additional facilities like fridge, ac, balcony, geyser etc. for individual rooms.  Some PGs even provide the kitchen facility to the people and charges extra for that.

Food Quality of the BEST PG accommodation in Bangalore

The next important criteria for selecting the BEST PG accommodation in Bangalore  is the quality of the food.  It should be hygienic and tasty.  Normally PGs provide Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.  Weekly one or two times non veg food is expected to be provided.  If a PG is serving both south and north type of food, then it can attract more people from both sides.  Usually PGs serve morning time tea or coffee and evening time snacks.  Lot of girls prefers Ladies PGs with self-cooking facility.

Facilities of the BEST PG accommodation in Bangalore

The most important criteria for selecting BEST PG accommodation in Bangalore is the amenities of the PG.  People prefer for PGs which has got good  security system, security cameras, security guards, power backup, parking for both two wheelers and four wheelers, lift, wifi, safety lockers, individual tvs, fridge, washing machine, geyser, gym etc.  For most of the people, having their rooms and toilets cleaned daily is a top priority.

Atmosphere of the BEST PG accommodation in Bangalore

The final important criteria for selecting a BEST PG accommodation in Bangalore are the atmosphere of the PG.  Most of the people select PGs which are safe and well protected.  Especially Ladies PGs should have adequate security surveillance system and watchman round the clock. There must be adequate at ventilation to get air circulation and natural light.  A PG can be considered good or descent if it passes these criteria’s.

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Author : Mahesh Bandi

Mahesh Bandi is the Vice President (Marketing) of is a portal for PGs and Hostels across south India. Mahesh can be contacted at 

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